1st - English I

English I

Welcome to English I.  The primary emphasis in this class will be upon preparing you to succeed in your courses here at OHS and in your life outside of school.  To that end, we will work to make you stronger critical thinkers and improve your skills as readers and writers through the study of literature and non-fiction.  We will also, though, focus on making sure that you have the organizational skills you need to succeed.  If you apply yourself in this class, I promise that you will enjoy your experience and leave at the end of the semester better-prepared for school and life.

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English I
Tom Turner
Primary Means of Communication - Email & Google Classroom

Course Description:  English I students will study literature, informational texts, poetry, drama, biographical works, U.S. documents “of historical and literary significance,” excerpts from an entire Shakespearean play, and art from all genres to gain knowledge of culture, current events and themselves. They will gain the reading and writing skills necessary to write, analyze and evaluate detailed arguments. By the end of English I, students will read and understand increasingly complex texts at the upper end of ninth grade reading range. Students are required to take the North Carolina Final Exam for English I.
Grading:  Grading Philosophy of Owen High :  The focus of grading at Owen High School is to give students accurate and meaningful feedback that supports and encourages student learning.  Student   grades are based on mastery of course content. Grades are based primarily on summative assessments (tests, performances, projects, etc.), with little weight on formative assessments (daily practice, homework, etc.).  The purpose of daily practice and homework is to learn, receive feedback, and have the opportunity to clarify or correct errors in thinking or understanding.
The state of North Carolina requires that final grades be reported as a number grade on a 10 point scale for all students.
A = 90 - 100 B = 80- 89 C = 70 - 79 D = 60 - 69   F = below 60

Your grades will be based upon your mastery of skills in the major modes of communication and will be assessed according to the following scale:

30% - Formative Assessments

70% - Summative Assessments

Behavioral Expectations:  Owen High School has adopted a Positive Behavioral Intervention & Support .  Our school promotes these characteristics for all students in all situations: 
I- Integrity A- Attitude M- Maturity
Teachers recognize students for their positive behaviors and try to redirect students from negative behaviors both through modeling and establishing consequences and rewards.

Please see the Classroom Expectations document for more detailed information about behavior expectations for our in-class sessions.  We will establish norms for our virtual instruction.
Course Specific Expectations:  In addition to adhering to all school policies, four simple rules should govern your conduct in this class.  They are as follows:
Come prepared to learn.  This means bringing school supplies and the texts we are working with in class.  It also, though, entails coming to class with a positive attitude about the day’s activities.

Give your best effort.  Do good work in class.  This is an opportunity that many, many people in the world sacrifice a great deal for.  It is being given to you.  Make the most of it.

Treat others with respect.  Participate politely in class discussions.  Work quietly when you are asked to do so.  Be good to each other.


Notebook: Students will need a three-ring notebook for this class to keep up with our daily formative activities.  We will be checking your notebook regularly for a grade, so keeping up with this will not only help you succeed in our day-to-day activities, it will be an easy boost to your grade.

Homework:  We have structured this class to minimize as much as possible the homework that you will be assigned.  Provided you use your time in class wisely, you should usually be able to complete your assignments; however, if you do not complete work during class for whatever reason, you will be expected to complete it at home and submit it when you come into class the next day.  If you complete your work early, this is an excellent time to read or work on assignments for another class.

Class Participation:  Students who are actively engaged in class tend to do better.  To encourage this sort of participation, we will award extra credit points every three weeks to students who regularly contribute productively to classroom discussions.
Major Works Covered:

The Absolute True Diary of a Part Time Indian - Sherman Alexia

Death of a Salesman - Arthur Miller