Course Overview

Choral Program Rules and Regulations
OHS chorus classes provide students with an opportunity to sing in a choral setting during the school day. Students will learn about different styles of choral music through performance. Students will also learn aspects of music history, sight-singing, and music theory.


Rehearsal Technique: 40%

This grade is based on your choral rehearsal technique each day. You are expected to demonstrate proper technique each day or you will receive a lowered grade. You may only refrain from singing if you have a note excusing you for health reasons. Even in you are not singing, you are expected to follow along with the class to the fullest extent possible. The following are components of quality choral technique:

Appropriate Body Alignment

Proper Breath Support

Care and Maintenance of your Instrument

Ensemble Etiquette

You will be graded by day as to whether or not you have successfully demonstrated the above skills. Either you have or you have not, so each day is essentially either 100% or 0%. These grades will be entered into your gradebook weekly in the following way:

Met expectations:

5 out of 5 days 100%

4 out of 5 days 89%

3 out of 5 days 79%

2 out of 5 days 69%

1 out of 5 days 59%

0 out of 5 days 0%

Assessments: 30%
These may come in the form of formal assessment such as: theory quizzes, papers, worksheets, and/or performance.

Dress Rehearsals and Concerts 30%
Attendance at all rehearsals and performances is mandatory. Excused absences may be made up with a 300-word report. Excused absences are considered to be unavoidable emergencies or personal illness. Work, transportation problems, and other activities are NOT considered excused absences. You will have plenty of notice before any mandatory after-school commitment. I will work with students who participate in other school-sponsored activities.

  • Each member should be in their seat with their music and a pencil, and be ready to begin at the bell.
  • Materials not needed for class must be kept away from the rehearsal area. We have limited space to work in. There is no need for a book bag, a purse, and other items that will not help you sing.
  • You are responsible for the care and use of your music. Any missing or misused music will become your financial responsibility to replace.
  • Students are expected to have a positive and productive attitude at all times. You must be willing to participate to the fullest extent of your ability. This includes (but is not limited to) listening exercises, warm-ups, sight-singing, note-learning, and written work.
  • Maintaining good vocal health is of the utmost importance! If you have sore throat, I do not want you to sing. HOWEVER, in order to be excused from singing, you must bring a note from your parent/guardian. If you are excused from singing, this does not excuse you from the class. You must still listen and pay attention to all activities. You will be expected to learn by listening and following the music. You must still come to chorus if you have a note excusing you from singing. Remember, you must be a productive member of the class, even in silence. If you do not bring a note, you will be expected to fully participate or receive a zero for the day.
  • Rules for good posture and good vocal health must be followed at all times, whether in a sitting or standing position.
  • There will be quite a few optional events throughout the year, including All State, All-County Chorus, and Honors Chorus.


1. Respect yourself, others, and others’ property.
2. Be prepared for class: mentally and physically.
3. Remain on task and follow all instructions.
4. All school rules apply!


Teacher: Kati Swinney
School: 828.686.3852

I feel strongly about communicating openly with both parents and students, so please feel free to contact me! I am so looking forward to meeting every one of you and making music together. It will be a fantastic year!