Virtual Classroom Information

Katie Stephens, Choral Director
& In-class On Boarding- Coach Fiest
This semester, due to health issues, I was approved to teach 100% virtually. I am making a commitment to each and every one of you that your learning experience will be fantastic. I will teach with a synchronous Zoom lesson every day and teach the lessons as though I were in the room. Be prepared to warm-up and sing everyday. Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns.
My Best to All, Ms. Stephens

Steps for beginning of the year preparedness - for chorus, anyway!

1) Watch Stephens's Meet the Teacher Video Here
Welcome from Stephens!

2) Join the appropriate Chorus Google Classroom

Email me for class codes for the Fall!
Google Classroom Img
3) Download Zoom from the BCS Software Center - tutorial included in Stephens Welcome Syllabus Powerpoint Below.
4) Review the Welcome Syllabus Powerpoint!
Link: Stephens Syllabus Presentation

Office Hours: 2pm-4pm & 8am-9am

Contact Information:

Learning Management System: Google Classroom & Zoom