Spagnesi, Christopher (English)

Willow Windsong
Hello there, my name is Christopher Spagnesi and I'm the likely English teacher (the human in the photo, not the dog) of your student, unless you're just casually browsing the staff directory. In that case...welcome to the staff directory!  However, if you are indeed inquiring of my character, here's a little bit about me...

Having bounced around the country for many years, I feared that I would never have the luxury of existing in a place that I could truly believe in, a place that I could call home with pride.  Luckily, such dreams did not become my reality and I happily stumbled upon this beautiful haven.  I love these mountains and I am so proud to be able to do what I love within them: teaching English literature.  I also greatly enjoy backpacking, hiking, writing, playing basketball, and hopefully sometime soon, practicing archery (my next project).  It is an honor to work here amongst the caring, thoughtful employees of Owen High and it is an even greater pleasure to have the opportunity to share my knowledge of English literature with the young men and women that grace these halls.  If you have need to contact me, consult either my...

phone: 201-220-2347

Virtual Learning:  As many of you know, BCS is now operating instruction virtually.  Below, I have attached all of the class codes for joining Google Classroom, as that is my primary mode of operation.  Should you have any questions, parent or otherwise, continue to contact me via the email address provided above.  I wish you well during these hard times.  Be safe.

  • Block 1 English III 
  • Class code: fdhj4xl
  • Block 2: American History 2
  • Class Code: gxlthwr
  • Block 3: English III
  • Class code: bwjnyrm