Marketing Courses

Check out what marketing courses OHS offers!

Marketing: Introduce yourself to the exciting world of marketing!  You will learn how products are brought from the idea stage to becoming available on store shelves for you to purchase. Everything from distribution to advertising will be explored.  Create new products and learn how to market them efficiently.  A strong emphasis is put on creativity, communication, presentation and technology skills.

Sports Marketing: Have you wished to play sports professionally or  have you dreamed of becoming an agent for a celebrity? If so, then you will have an interest in Sports and Entertainment Marketing. In this course, students have the opportunity to explore basic marketing principles and dive deeper into the multibillion-dollar sports and entertainment marketing industry. Students learn how professional athletes, sports teams, and well-known entertainers are marketed and how some of them become billionaires as a result. For students who have ever wondered about how things work behind the scenes of a major sporting event such as the Super Bowl or a music festival this is the course for you! Focus will be on career planning, product management, selling & promotion for sporting and event industries. 

Hospitality & Tourism:
The hospitality and tourism industry is one of the fastest growing industries in the world. This course introduces the hospitality and tourism industry, including hotel and restaurant management, cruise ships, spas, resorts, theme parks, and other areas. Students learn about key hospitality issues, the development and management of tourist locations, event planning, marketing, and environmental issues related to leisure and travel. . Emphasis is also on destination complexity, customer relations, economics, legal and ethical responsibilities, safety and security, and tourism promotion. The course also examines some current and future trends in the field.