Counseling Philosophy

I am a Humanist/Rogerian counselor believing that all individuals have the power of self actualization. In other words all people are essentially good and do what they need to, to live life the way that they have to.
However, this does not excuse choice - all individuals have to CHOOSE the course that will get them the maximum benefit (what they know is right in their psyche). Cognitive dissonence happens when a person chooses to do something they know won't work out for them in the end.
As a School Counselor, my job is to help the students choose the best course that leads to academic success. Choice in other areas of life may also be addressed, especially if those issues are affecting their ability to concentrate in school. My primary focus is on the removal of barriers to learning and making sure that students are able to feel successful in the academic realm.
The college path is not for every person, so making sure they have the resources to choose their best path is also an important job of the School Counselor.