Rumbaugh, James (Counseling)

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James & Miles
Miles is so glad to be a War Horse too! 
James K. Rumbaugh, LPC, NBCT
School Counselor for 12th grade and 10th graders with last names G-O
Charles D. Owen High School
I was born in Hawaii and raised in the Washington D.C. area.  Below is a short history of how I came to be a War Horse!

flying wv 1995 West Virginia University Bachelors in Recreation and Parks, Wildlands Management from The College of Agriculture and Forestry.
Think local. Act global. Learn more about the Peace Corps 1997-1999 US Peace Corps, Philippines; Integrated Protected Areas Services Volunteer training the local people to become National Park Rangers.  Mount Pulag National Park is the second higest peak in the country at nearly 10,000 feet. 
Post Peace Corps travel: I traveled overland from Beijing to London by train exploring the Silk Road route through Mongolia and Russia.
ob compass roseWilderness Instructor, Hurricane Island Outward Bound School, Florida.  28-day flat water canoeing courses with at-risk and adjudicated youths.  Through Florida's Department of Juvenile Justice, these expeditions were either used as a transition or as an alternative to Detention. 
pa image Primary Counselor for Project Adventure's Choices Program in Covington, Georgia.  Choices was a 4-month minimum residential alcohol and drug rehabilitation program for high school aged males.  Adventure-Based Counseling was used through ropes course and wilderness experiences.
After 3 years in Georgia, I moved to Maryland...
jhu image 
Masters in Counseling from The Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, MD in May 2008. 
Hopkins was a phenominal program utilizing current research in the feilds of counseling and psychology.  The course load and professors demanded maximum effort from each student.
Needing a change of pace from the rat race of D.C./Baltimore, I saw and ad for the position in Buncombe County.  I was interviewed, hired, and moved all in 8 days!
I arrived in Asheville in the fall of 2008 in my 1995 Jeep Wrangler with 3 bags of clothes, a box of books, and two bikes. For the past 7 years I had been a counselor in Buncombe County. I am ending my 2nd year at Owen High School.
I have accumulated 3,000 hours of clinical supervision to become a Licenced Professional Counselor in North Carolina.
Please visit my Counseling Philosophy Page to find out more about my particular counseling style.