Financial Planning.

This course is designed to cover key strategies for wealth building as students learn to evaluate businesses for investment opportunities while incorporating current headlines and trends, financial resources, and stock market simulation. Also students will develop techniques to enhance personal wealth building for a secure financial future. Current technology will be used to acquire information and to complete activities. Throughout the course, students are presented ethical dilemmas and problem-solving situations for which they must apply academic, team-building and critical-thinking skills.

 Meet the Teacher: 

I will use Google classroom to get started with the semester, but as we get into the semester we will be using Microsoft Teams.
Directions for joining our Google classroom,

                                                          If you have questions please reach out to me!
My Schedule: 
1st Block: Microsoft Excel- Excel Expert- Honors
2nd Block: Planning
3rd Block: Microsoft Word- Word Expert- PowerPoint
4th Block: Financial Planning

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