Course Overview

Title:  Weight Training

Location:  Weight Room

Instructor:      Nathan Padgett:


                        Phone:  828-686-3852                

SMART Lunch Tutoring Date: varies by class

Planning Period: 2nd

Description:  This course is designed to develop the fitness level of the students to a higher degree in the area of personal fitness focusing on cardiovascular endurance, muscular strength, muscular endurance, flexibility, and body composition.  Students will be asked to participate and implement a personal fitness plan.  Students will participate in agility exercises, speed development, weight training, plyometric exercises, stretching, and cardiorespiratory endurance training.  Students will complete fitness assessments to measure their improvement throughout the semester.

Course Evaluation:

To successfully complete this course, students must demonstrate competency of instructional objectives and proficiency in implementing techniques and strategies to improve fitness.  Student learning will be invited through the use of active group participation, small group discussions, presentations, independent research, whole class discussion, and teacher lecture and demonstration.

The successful student will be expected to:

  1. Attend class regularly
  2. Complete all work and projects on time
  3. Invest in their work
  4. Be punctual and prepared for class
  5. Be respectful and courteous to all members of the class
  6. Give 100% effort


Grading Philosophy of Owen High: The focus of grading at Owen High School is to give students accurate and meaningful feedback that supports and encourages student learning.  Student grades are based on mastery of course content. Grades are based primarily on summative assessments (tests, performances, projects, etc.), with little weight on formative assessments (daily practice, homework, etc.).  The purpose of daily practice and homework is to learn, receive feedback, and have the opportunity to clarify or correct errors in thinking or understanding.

The state of North Carolina requires that final grades be reported as a number grade on a 10 point scale for all students.

A = 90 - 100        B = 80- 89    C = 70 - 79     D = 60 - 69      F = below 60

Grading-Course Specific:

1st nine weeks – 37.5% Daily participation, quizzes, tests, group assignments, pre-assessment, and mid-term assessment. 

2nd nine weeks – 37.5% Daily participation, quizzes, tests, group assignments, and post-assessments.  

Final Exam – 25% Written and Physical Assessment

SMART Lunch Tutoring expectations:  Students with a grade below 70 at any time in the 9 week grading period or who are directed by a teacher are expected to attend SMART Lunch tutoring and will receive an administrative referral if they do not attend.  Students not required to attend tutoring are allowed to participate in activities of choice during SMART Lunch.

Behavioral Expectations:

Owen High School has adopted a Positive Behavioral Intervention & Support.  Our school promotes these characteristics for all students in all situations:  

    I - Integrity        A- Attitude        M-Maturity

Teachers recognize students for their positive behaviors and try to redirect students from negative behaviors both through modeling and establishing consequences and rewards.

Attendance Policy:  Buncombe County School Board policy states that a student may only have a total of five absences per semester per class. (A student must be in class for 2/3’s of the class period to be counted present.)  Once a student misses more than 5 days, the student is required to make up the days through After-School Attendance Makeup, Saturday school, or Summer Attendance School.  

Materials needed for PE:

Pens or Pencils

Combination Lock

Athletic Clothing and Shoes

Shower Supplies if applicable

**Also, if your child has any type of serious medical condition that you feel I should be aware of, please let me know.