Padgett, Nathan (PE)

Welcome to my Classroom!

Coach Padgett

Nathan Padgett
Head Varsity Football Coach
Healthful Living Teacher

Teacher Bio:

High School Diploma: Charles D. Owen High School 

A.A.S. in Criminal Justice: Asheville Buncombe Technical Community College 

B.S.Ed in Physical & Health Education: Western Carolina University 

M.S.A. in School Administration: Western Carolina University 

Physical Education: Physical education is essential in supporting the overall academic structure at Owen High School. It is essential for the total development of our youth. At Owen High, we maintain that a person’s mind and body function as a unit, each dependent upon the other. Physical education strives to develop the facet of each individual to the fullest extent of his/her capabilities through physical, mental, and social activities.

Activities include but not limited to: Football, Basketball, Soccer, Hockey, Badminton, Handball, Volleyball, Softball, Ultimate, Tennis, Table Tennis, Track & Field, Cardiovascular Endurance Training, Muscular Strength Training, Flexibility exercises, etc.

2020-2021 Class Schedule:
1st semester:

1st period: Plan

2nd period: Plan

3rd period: Advanced PE 

4th Period: Weight Training 

2nd Semester:

1st period: 

2nd Period: 

3rd Period: 

4th Period: