Nursing Fundamentals

Christine Mattingly, RN, BSN, M.Ed. NBCT

[email protected]  

Announcement Method: CANVAS

828-686-3852 ext. 3200 (w)


Course Description: This course is designed for students interested in medical careers where personal care and basic nursing skills are used. This course is an enhanced adaptation of the North Carolina Division of Health Service Regulation (DHSR) Nurse Aide I (NAI) curriculum and helps prepare students for the National Nurse Aide Assessment (NNAAP). Students who pass the NNAAP become listed on the NC NAI Registry. English language arts, mathematics, and science are reinforced. Work-based learning strategies appropriate for this course include a required clinical internship in a long-term care agency. Healthcare agencies require testing for tuberculosis and/or other diseases and sometimes a criminal record check for felonies related to drugs. Cooperative education is not available for this course. Field trips, community service, and leadership activities provide the opportunity to apply essential standards and workplace readiness skills through authentic experiences. 

INTRO WEEK:  Welcome, virtual learning plan, course overview and expectations, forms. 

Grading:  Grading Philosophy of Owen High: The focus of grading at Owen High School is to give students accurate and meaningful feedback that supports and encourages student learning.  Student grades are based on mastery of course content. The purpose of daily practice and homework is to learn, receive feedback, and have the opportunity to clarify or correct errors in thinking or understanding.

The state of North Carolina requires that final grades be reported as a number grade on a 10 point scale for all students.

A = 90 - 100 B = 80 - 89 C = 70 - 79 D = 60 - 69  F = below 60

Quizzes/Tests - 70% Homework - 20%          Skills - 10%

Tutoring Expectations:  Students with a grade below 75 at any time in the semester will attend virtual tutoring. Students who have a grade average less than 75 cannot continue to the skills lab and clinical portion of the program. 

Behavioral Expectations:  Owen High School has adopted a Positive Behavioral Intervention & Support .  Our school promotes these characteristics for all students in all situations:  

I - Integrity A - Attitude M - Maturity

Teachers recognize students for their positive behaviors and try to redirect students from negative behaviors both through modeling and establishing consequences and rewards.

All students in Nursing Fundamentals must internalize characteristics associated with the development of integrity, a positive attitude for teamwork and maturity. Working with patients in local nursing facilities requires confidentiality, sensitivity, compassion and a number of skills.  Students practice in the lab prior to attending clinicals to prepare for the expectations of employment entry level skills.

Refer to a rubric found in Canvas that scores your daily participation. This grade will be calculated in the homework percentage.

Attendance Policy:  Buncombe County School Board policy states that a student may only have a total of five absences per semester per class. (A student must be in class for two thirds of the class period to be counted present.)  Once a student misses more than 5 days, the student is required to make up the days through After-School Attendance Makeup, Saturday School or Summer Attendance School.  

Course Specific Expectations:  Most assignments will be accessed and completed on Canvas, a learning management system that gives students control over their pace and how often they need to take quizzes to master the material.

Purchase hair tiebacks if your hair is long - it will need to be pulled back for all lab activities. Students can access CANVAS on their home computers or in our library during Smart Lunch. Make a commitment to be organized and complete requirements on time now.  It will help you immensely!

This year, the theory part of Nursing Fundamentals will be taught in the Fall semester. The skills lab and clinical experiences will be completed in the Spring. Plan on joining and involve yourself in our Healthcare Career Club for advanced activities, including field trips.

Practicing skills for the NNAAP Test is ESSENTIAL.  I am more than happy to host after school practice sessions if necessary.  The more you practice, the better you will perform when testing.

Expenses for the certification test total $120.  Other expenses include a uniform, shoes, nametag with first and last name on the first line and C. D. Owen High School on the second line. A PPD skin test within 1 year of the scheduled clinical experience is also required. Submit your school health record verifying hepatitis and varicella immunization.  These items will be discussed further in the Spring Semester. There is also additional contract information posted on Canvas regarding requirements and attendance in order to pass this honors course.

Participation in Healthcare Careers Club is a great idea! - we take several field trips each year to enhance the student direction toward career and college readiness. If Covid allows us, we will be taking our field trip to Fairfax, VA again this year to observe open heart surgery.  Plan to go to get a bird’s eye view of state of the art technology and see real world applications close up - it’s an opportunity that can be career boosting. The date scheduled for this is April 23, 2021.