Course Overview Earth Environmental

Course of study / Targets & Standards:

We will divide the NC essential standards into the following primary curricular units:

*(Astronomy) the Earth and beyond – focusing on our Sun-Earth-Moon relationships, learning how the different movements and positions of Earth affect our daily, seasonal, and annual cycles

*(Meteorology) the Earth’s atmosphere / climate – the gasses which surround earth and their interactions which cause our daily weather and climate, including the study of global changes

*(Hydrology) the Earth’s hydrosphere – water availability, including local bodies of water, the formation of streams and lakes, and the ocean’s role in our water cycle and weather

*(Geology) the Earth’s geosphere – solid matter: minerals and rocks, the weathering and erosion of these materials, soil formation, and the cause and effects of Earth’s Plate Tectonics

*(Ecology) the Earth’s biosphere – ecosystems’ abiotic & biotic factors, and our human impact