Course Overview Earth Environmental

Course of study / Targets & Standards:

Earth Environmental Science is a comprehensive overview of our Earth's physical processes and systems.

I will be dividing the NC essential standards into the following primary curricular units:

*(Astronomy) the Earth and beyond – focusing on our Sun-Earth-Moon relationships, learning how the different movements and positions of Earth and moon affect our daily, seasonal, and annual cycles.

*(Meteorology) the Earth’s atmosphere / climate – the gasses which surround Earth interact and cause our daily weather and longer term climate; this includes the study of global and local climate changes.

*(Hydrology) the Earth’s hydrosphere – freshwater is a finite resource, making water availability and usage important.  This includes learning about our local bodies of water, the formation of streams and lakes, and the ocean’s role in our water cycle and weather.

*(Geology) the Earth’s geosphere – You live in the oldest mountain range on Earth, so we will study - solid matter: minerals and rocks, the weathering and erosion of these materials, soil formation, and the cause and effects of Earth’s Plate Tectonics

*(Ecology) the Earth’s biosphere – Last, but not least we will include ecosystems’ abiotic & biotic factors, and our human impact on the Earth.

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