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Courses: Earth Environmental Science & Earth Environmental Science H

Contact Information: (Bo Mallory)

Learning Management System: 
Google Classroom & Zoom for remote meetings

*Parents Please contact me if you need additional information 
on our Google Classroom

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Important - 
Student & Parent Information: Spring 2022 Syllabus

Office Hours:  7:45 - 9:15AM

Class Schedule -
1st  Planning Period
2nd Earth Environmental (H)
3rd Earth Environmental (H)
4th Earth Environmental (Standard)

Here are the Expectations for Every School Day:
1.  Attend Class
2.  Check the Google Stream:
Read the Learning Target and follow the Agenda
3.  Complete the daily Classwork in Google Classroom 
- turned in by 3PM
4. Complete Learning Standards
5. Corrected and recover Standards before or after school, and during SMART lunch 

Grading Policies 
For the each nine weeks, grades will be based on the following:
Daily Classwork / Notebooks  = 10%  (all products created daily)
Target Standards = 40%  (short assessments on each day's content)
Unit tests  = 50% (longer assessments at the end of each unit)
* the above is subject to change  

Semester Course Grade :
N3 (1st 9-weeks) = 37.5%
N4 (2nd 9-weeks) = 37.5%
Final Exam = 25%

Late Work
Late work will be labeled as late in Google Classroom
Students may complete missing assignments/Standards/Tests for a new grade with no penalty

Standards and Tests will require  teacher approval to complete late or retake.  Cut off will be the end of the nine week period.

Make Up Policy
If a student submits work that is incomplete/incorrect, or scores below their expectations on a Standard or Test, that student will be allowed to correct and retake for a higher grade. 

Attendance will be taken each day.  
Attendance policy is subject to adjustment by Buncombe County Schools.

Parents will be contacted if:
Attendance becomes an issue.
Your grade drops below a 69%

Helpful How-to Videos
Can be found @ Buncombe County Technology Webpage [click link]

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