Classroom Guidelines



                    TEACHER INFORMATION

                                                                            Richard James, Room 224

                                                                        School Phone:  (828) 686-3852




1.    Follow all school rules.

2.    Respect others and their property.

3.    Come to class prepared every day with your notebook, paper, and pencil/pen.

4.    Always try your best and communicate with me when you experience problems relating to class.

5.    Have a good attitude toward yourself, your fellow students, your work, and your teacher.




The following policy will follow the school-wide discipline plan



1st offense—warning

2nd offense—Smart lunch detention (30 minutes)

3rd offense—Call home/Smart lunch detention (30 minutes)

4th offense---Administrative referral 



                        Administrative referral



                        Removal from class by an Administrator




Disclaimer:  Since this semester is the first time we have used Standards-Based Learning, the Biology teachers reserve the right to make changes to this system as needed.


Standards-Based Learning is a system of academic instruction, assessment, grading and reporting that is based on students demonstrating mastery of the knowledge and skills they are expected to learn.  If mastery does not happen initially, students will be given additional opportunities to show mastery.


Letter grade               100 pt scale

A                     100 – 90         (Superior Effort)

B                     89 – 80           (Good understanding of the material)

C                     79 – 70           (Basic skills mastered)

D                     69 – 60           (Lacks knowledge of skills and/or concepts)

F                      59 – 0             (Insufficient mastery of material)


Each nine-week grading period will count 37.5% toward the final grade.  The final exam will count 25% toward the final grade.



All students will be required to pass the state End of Course Exam in Biology.



All students are required to have a three-ring notebook to be used specifically for Biology class.  Notebooks will be organized during class and will count toward each unit grade. This serves as a required artifact of student achievement in Biology.



A set of textbooks will be kept in the classroom.  Students have three ways to access the textbook outside of school:


1)  Bring in a flash drive for a PDF copy of the textbook.

2)  Access the textbook on Google Drive

3)  Check out a textbook from me.



If you are absent from class for any reason (including school-related activities), it is YOUR responsibility to get the assignments and set-up a time during smart lunch to make-up any missed classroom activities, quizzes, or tests. 


In-School Suspension (ISS)

If you are assigned to ISS, you are responsible for completing all work I send to you AND all assignments/activities completed during class.  All work must be turned in to the ISS supervisor.  Tests and quizzes will NOT be given in ISS.  If you are assigned to ISS on a day that a test or quiz is given, you must take the test or quiz before or after school within three (3) school days of the last assigned ISS day.



I use a program called Remind101 to keep students and parents up to date.   Once you are registered for your class it will send a text to your phone whenever I send out an update.


To register: text the below class code to the below number. 

Follow the instructions that you receive.


Text Number: 81010


                      Class code list:


                        Class period                    Text Code

                                1st                                          @rjames1st

                                2nd                                        @rjames2nd

                                3rd                                          @rjames3rd

                                4th                                          @rjames4th