Biology: Handouts and Assignments

Safety Contract - all classes
Unit 1: Introduction to Biology
     Wanted Poster
Unit 2: Ecology
Unit 3: The Life of the Cell
     Chapter 6: The Chemistry of Life
          McDonald's lab
          Good Eats-granola bars
          Building Hydrocarbons
     Chapter 7: A View of the Cell
          Chapter 7 outline
     Chapter 8:Cellular Transport and the Cell Cycle
          Chaper 8 study guide
          Exploring Cancer
     Chapter 9: Cellular Transport
          Chapter 9 Study Guide
Unit 4:Genetics
     Genetics Test #1
        Chapter 10.1, 11.1, & 11.2
          Genetics Review #1
     Genetic Test #2
        Chapter 10.1, 10.2, 11.3, ch 12, & ch 13
           Genetics Review #2
Unit 5: Earth History
        Evolution handout Ch 15
 EOC Review
          Word format: Standard Course of Study Objectives
          Adobe PDF format: Standard Course of Study Objectives
EOC review questions
         Word format: EOC review questions
         Adobe PDF: EOC review questions