Anatomy and Physiology Classroom Syllabus


 Anatomy and Physiology – Mr. James


Teacher information:

Richard James, Room 224

School Phone:  (828) 686-3852



Description/Objective: Anatomy and Physiology (A&P) is an elective course offered by the OHS science department. A&P explores the systems of the human body, how they work, and how they function together.  This semester-long class is offered to gain a better understanding of the human body, diseases that affect the human body, and possible careers in the field of medicine.


I am available for help before school at 7:30 or after school (earlier if arrangements are made the day prior). Please do not hesitate to ask for assistance if a concept is difficult or you’re struggling in class.  If you wait until the end of the semester to attempt to raise your grade it will be too late. 


Grading Scale

            Tests     40% 

            Labs/Projects  15% 

            Digital Notebook  15%

            Quizzes     20% 

            On-Boarding assignments   10%


Late Work

Late work will be labeled as late in Canvas and a zero will be entered as the grade.  Students may complete missing assignments/Check Ins/Tests for a new grade with no penalty.  Check In's and Tests will require  teacher approval to complete late.  Cut off will be the end of the nine week period.

Make Up Policy

If a student submits work that is incomplete/incorrect, or scores below their expectations on an assessment, that student will be able to go back to correct each for a higher grade.  Check In's and Tests will require teacher approval to retake. 


Attendance will be taken each day in our daily Zoom meeting.  Not being physically present for whatever reason = an absence.  Attendance policy is subject to adjustment by Buncombe County Schools.

Parent Contact

Parents will be contacted if:

  • You do not show up to daily Zoom meeting and don't notify me with a reason
  • You consistently do not show up to daily Zoom meetings with communication
  • You do not complete daily assignments on a weekly basis
  • Your grade drops below a 69%


Letter grade               100 pt scale

A                     100 – 90         (Superior Effort)

B                     89 – 80           (Good understanding of the material)

C                     79 – 70           (Basic skills mastered)

D                     69 – 60           (Lacks knowledge of skills and/or concepts)

F                      59 – 0             (Insufficient mastery of material)


Each nine-week grading period will count 37.5% toward the final grade.  The final exam will count 25% toward the final grade.


All students will be required to pass a teacher-made final exam. The final exam will be a comprehensive exam of the material covered over the semester.

*Class grades will only be kept on PowerSchool. Any information on the Canvas Grades page are to be used as a tool to keep up with your work and any revisions that are required. Please do not get confused.


Dissection & Labs:

I feel it is important for any science class to have a strong lab component.  Therefore, I will try to have a lab, virtual or physical, to coincide with the unit we will be covering.  Hopefully, we will be able to dissect several structures during the course including (eyes, hearts, and brains).  Due to limited lab funding theses may not be possible each semester. Dissections are a large part of our lab work in this class and as a result, all students are required to participate (at least be able to identify structures on the specimen) in each of the dissections.  The dissection of the cat will also require the most amount of lab class time (several weeks).  Each system of the cat will be dissected and discussed in detail.  If you have ethical, medical, or other concerns with dissections that will prevent you from participating you will need to drop the class ASAP!


Projected Syllabus:

1st 6 weeks                            2nd 6 weeks                           3rd 6 weeks

Biochemistry                         Respiratory                            Endocrine

Histology (tissue)                 Digestive/Nutrition               Lymphatic

Integumentary                      Circulatory                             Urinary

Skeletal                                  Cardiovascular                     Reproductive

Muscular                               Nervous & Senses              


Late Grade:

Late work will be accepted one day after the due date for a maximum of 50%.


Communication – Buncombe County Schools uses the grading/attendance program called PowerSchool that enables students and parents to access grades at any time via the internet. It is the student’s responsibility to keep up with their own grades, progress, and attendance. Please utilize this valuable tool to keep track of your progress throughout the year!!!


Please provide a parent email if possible.  Students and parents will also have access to my web page on the school website.   



I use a program called Remind to keep students and parents up to date.   Once you are registered for your class it will send a text to your phone whenever I send out an update. This program keeps our phone numbers private.


To register text the below class code to the below number. 

Follow the instructions that you receive.

Text Number: 81010

Class code list:


                                    Class period                          Text Code

                                          3rd                                                      @rjames3rd

Get text notifications

text the class code to the below number. 

Text Number: 81010

Follow the instructions that you receive.

Class code list will be emailed to each student based on their assigned block.


Get Remind email notifications.

  • Join online:
    Visit and enter the class or school code and your email address.
  • Join from your inbox:
    Send a blank email to (If the class code were @math, for example, you'd send a blank email to You'll get a response with more instructions. 



If a student is over the 5 day limit in Anatomy, they will need to make up missed days during our after school attendance makeup program or Saturday school. Saturday school fees are currently $20 whereas after school makeup is free.


Materials Needed:

3 Ring Binder (can be shared with other courses)

Dividers: Tests/Quizzes, Drawings, Labs, Homework, etc.

Colored Pencils – Pack of 24 minimum. (I use a pack of 36.)

*Gloves for Dissection if you have a sensitivity to vinyl or you have a special preference other than size medium.



Be on time     Be Prepared              Be Respectful                       No food         No Cell Phones


Cell Phone Consequences: 1st violation = phone is confiscated and given to administration.




Honor Code:

OHS’s handbook states that any student sharing work or using information not allowed during an assignment is considered cheating.  The 2015-2016 OHS Student Handbook states that a student that cheats or plagiarizes will receive a zero for the assignment plus consequences.


Final Thoughts:

Students are expected to not only be prepared for class but keep up with the material on a daily basis.  Students will be learning both anatomy and physiology in only 18 weeks. This is a vast amount of material in a short period of time. As a result, the material is covered quickly and students can fall behind quickly if they are not keeping up with their studying. 


A&P like many science courses is not an easy “A”.  Unfortunately, part of the class (Anatomy) requires memorization of the specific organs, bones, nerves, etc. location and names.  Looking over the information daily will greatly help you prepare for tests and quizzes.  Also if you are falling behind, I urge you to get help either before or after school.  Please do not wait until the ending of the grading period to ask for help.  Take the time to study and prepare for the class accordingly. A&P is a fascinating class that can greatly improve your understanding of the human body and opens your eyes to the numerous job opportunities that deal with this field of science. 


Parents:  Please include an email so I can send updates and any other relevant information.  Also, please use the PowerSchool grading program to access your child’s grades in their classes. It is crucial that you use these tools to easily track your son/daughter’s progress and know what’s going on in the classroom so they will be successful during this challenging class!


If you have any questions please let me know