English I

We will begin reading this book the week of August 24th.
  • English I OCS: Amy Hobbs, Room 214

    School Phone: 828-686-3852 ext. 214; email: amy.hobbs@bcsemail.org


    This class is required to graduate from High School and is based on the state standards with an End of Course Exam required at the end of the semester.

    This class is designed to assist students in improving reading and writing skills. We will focus on: building vocabulary, basic grammar, reading comprehension, organizational skills, the writing process (including revisions), collaborative learning and critical thinking. Digital learning tools will be utilized in activities and assignments whenever possible. Students will take a vocabulary quiz every Friday. They can study and retake the quiz the following week if they do not pass or want to improve their grade.


    Classroom Rules:

    1. Be respectful of yourself and others.
    2. Listen and follow directions.
    3. Keep your hands, feet and all other objects to yourself.
    4. Ask before using ear buds, listening to music or using phone. **This is only permitted when teacher has approved it. **
    5. Come to class on time and be seated when the bell rings.

    Materials Needed: 3 ring binder, composition book, pencils &/or pens

    Other Classroom Guidelines:

    If you miss class, ask Ms. Hobbs for make-up work. If you need to go to the restroom or to get water, raise your hand and ask. Sign out on sheet by the door before leaving the room.

    Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions (email address and school phone number are at the top of the page). My goal is to help my students stay motivated and learn to their greatest potential.


    Teacher and parent communication is important to ensure students do their best. I will communicate with parents regularly and will post work from my classes on my staff page of the school website.