American II

American History II Spring Semester 2021 Syllabus

Teacher: Mary Henthorn

Room: 146

Planning: 3rd block 


Course Description: This is a required course for graduation per North Carolina.  The aim of this course is to understand important developments in American politics, society, and culture during the past century and a half.  Questions we will ask include: What have been and are our responsibilities as citizens to America and to each other?  What is the proper role of government in economic and social life?  Should the government regulate the economy?  What role should America assume in world affairs? How did earlier generations of Americans respond to cultural conflicts?  All of these questions will be asked and answered by students' interpretation to historical events. 

Course Objectives: Lectures, discussions, and assignments are designed to help students learn how to analyze documents from the past, take a position on a historical question, use evidence to support their views, and express their insight to others. 

The focus is on analyzing why things happened as much as learning what happened.  Gaining these abilities helps not only in understanding American history, but also in improving the critical thinking and communication skills essential in doing well in both school and in the future. 

Course Outline:

  • UNIT 1- The New America: The New South, Westward Migration and the Populist Movement 1865-1900

  • UNIT 2-Gilded Age and the Progressive Movement 1865-1900

  • UNIT 3- Foreign Policy/Imperialism 1890-1920

  • UNIT 4- WWI and the Roaring 20’s 1917-1929

  • UNIT 5- Great Depression and the New Deal 1930-1941


  • UNIT 6- WWII 1941-1945

  • UNIT 7- America and the early Cold War 1945-1963

  • UNIT 8- Social Changes and turmoil 1945-1980

  • UNIT 9-End of the Cold War and the Modern Era 1980- Present

Course Grading:  I will be using a point system for grades this semester. All students will start at zero.  Instead of starting off the semester with 100 and going down, students will start at the bottom and work their way up. As assignments are turned in and feedback is provided their grade will improve.    

By using points students will also always know their grade.  To figure out their grade they would take the average of how many points they have divided by how many they could have.

Below are how many points each type of assignment can get:

Summative (Unit Tests): 60 points

Formatives (any classwork and quizzes): 35 points 

Miscellaneous: (review games, completing “can do’s” and participation, 5 points 

Missing assignments:  All work for the unit is due by the day the student takes the test. If for some reason work is missing a form will need to be filled out explaining why.  

Any missing work will be assigned a zero in the gradebook.  HOWEVER, the zero will be changed once the assignment is turned in.  I will not accept late work unless the missing work form is filled out for each missing assignment.

Students Responsibility: Students are to be prepared, ready to participate in class activities, and contribute to a positive class and school climate by respecting self, staff and classmates.  

Class Communication: I will set up a class remind101.  If you would like to participate in this form of communication, you can use the class code below. 

  • Google classroom will also send out weekly reminders of work due

  • Please join the google classroom so you can stay up to date with your students' progress in class. 

  • Please make sure you are registered for powerSchool you can stay up to date on grades.

  • Email address is