The Founding Principles of Civics and Economics

This course will allow students to examine the ways in which power and responsibility are both shared and limited by the U.S. Constitution and how the judicial, legal, and political systems of North Carolina and the United States embody the founding principles of government. Students in this course will analyze and evaluate the extent to which the American system of government guarantees, protects, and upholds the rights of citizens. Through the integration of inquiry-based learning, students will also investigate how the American system of government has evolved over time while learning how to analyze topics, issues, and claims in order to communicate ideas and take action to effect change and inform others. When opportunities can be provided, this course can be augmented by related learning experiences, both in and out of school, that enable students to apply their knowledge and understanding of how to participate in their own community and governance. Mastery of the standards and objectives of this course will inform and nurture responsible, participatory citizens who are competent and committed to the core values and founding principles of American democracy and the United States Constitution

Civics Literacy Syllabus.pdf