Futterman, Laurie (Allied Health)

Welcome to the wonderful world of medicine!
I am an Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner and received my Masters of Science in Nursing from Barry University in Miami. After years in the cardiac intensive care unit, I was offered the amazing opportunity of starting the first Heart Transplant Program in South Florida (University of Miami/Jackson Health Systems). After 25 years of caring for and growing the program from 1 to over 300 recipients, I decided to change the pace and teach middle school science. That too was amazing.
And now with my kids off to college, I have realized my ultimate dream of living in the mountains.
Medicine needs great young minds and hands as well as persevering mindsets. I cant wait to share your journey as you learn about the history and continuing evolution of medicine.  From nursing and pharmacy to physical therapy and more...It is all waiting for YOU.

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