Course Overview


Course Description:

Level II: Modern World Languages Courses:

Students further develop their listening, speaking, reading and writing skills .They participate in simple conversational situations and write short paragraphs which narrate, describe, compare and summarize topics from the target culture. By the end of the course, students will be able to interact with others on issues of everyday life. Students also continue to learn about the differences between languages and cultures, and how different cultures influence each other.

You will read 2 short novels in Spanish, discover and learn to sing Spanish songs, create videos, short stories, comics, among other projects.

Course Description:

Level IV: Modern World Languages Courses 

Students learn to communicate in writing and in extended conversations on a variety of topics. As they become more proficient in independent reading, they will be able to narrate, discuss, and support increasingly complex ideas and concepts. Short stories, poetry, excerpts from various periods of literature, and current events are included. Students study the finer points of grammar to aid oral and written communication along with a more in-depth study of the target culture(s) and their influence throughout the world. Students develop the ability to interact in culturally appropriate ways in most social situations they will encounter in the target culture(s). These are honors level courses. 

  • Writing: an analysis/argument on a controversial topic of your choosing; original children’s book or comic book

  • Speaking/listening: an interview with 15 open-ended questions and a transcription; a recorded debate on a political topic

  • Spoken presentation:  recorded news report, created with your partner; an original podcast, recitation of poetry

  • Reading: Novelas with questions/summaries, poetry

  • Creative/useful projects: short story, songs, teaching unit