Advanced Art (Art 4)

Course Description:

This class is designed for the more serious, self-driven art student. Students will be begin by writing a personal philosophy of art and create a Google site that will house their portfolio. The student will focus on creating work that illustrates their personal philosophy throughout the semester. As part of this process, students will be required to find some of their own subject and reference materials and interpret them in a more autonomous manner then lower level art classes. This will provide students a greater understanding of their artistic strengths and weaknesses while mastering major media and styles. 

At the end of the semester, students will be expected to have completed at least 6 major art pieces and 3 written assignments. These will be based on the following topics:

Personal Philosophy 

Personal Grading Rubric

Contemporary Theme

Individual Perspective 

Concept Exploration

Other Discipline

Argumentative Analysis of Art

Personal Expression & Applied Design

Work of Choice

The use of an art sketchbook to record thoughts and facilitate idea development gains even greater significance throughout the course, acting as the student’s laboratory for the creation and exploration of new ideas.

REQUIRED -- Passing Grade ​in Beginning, Intermediate, & Proficient Art.
RECOMMENDED -- Final grade of a C (70) or higher in Beginning, Intermediate, & Proficient Art.