English IV


I love teaching seniors.  I have done it for the past 17 years.  In case you haven't heard, there is no Grad Project this year!  We will go back to the basics of reading, writing, analyzing, and creating.  

English 4 is a required course for high school graduation.  Students in English 4 analyze British literature as it reflects social perspective and historical significance by continuing to use language for expressive, expository, argumentative, and literary purposes.  The emphasis in English 4 is critical analysis of texts through reading, writing, speaking, listening, and using media.

I am going to keep it as hands on and engaging as I can.  I encourage parents to read whatever we are reading in class.  It is a great way to be involved in our class.


Grading Philosophy of Owen High:  The focus of grading at Owen High School is to give students accurate and meaningful feedback that supports and encourages student learning.  Student grades are based on mastery of course content. Grades are based primarily on summative assessments (tests, performances, projects, etc.), with little weight on formative assessments (daily practice, homework, etc.).  The purpose of daily practice and homework is to learn, receive feedback, and have the opportunity to clarify or correct errors in thinking or understanding.


The state of North Carolina requires that final grades be reported as a number grade on a 10 point scale for all students.


A = 90 - 100                B = 80- 89       C = 70 - 79      D = 60 - 69      F = below 60

SMART Lunch Tutoring expectations:  Students with a grade below 70 at any time in the 9 week grading period or who are directed by a teacher are expected to attend SMART Lunch tutoring and will receive an administrative referral if they do not attend.  Students not required to attend tutoring are allowed to participate in activities of choice during SMART Lunch.


Behavioral Expectations:

Owen High School has adopted a Positive Behavioral Intervention & Support.  Our school promotes these characteristics for all students in all situations:  

            I - Integrity                   A- Attitude                   M-Maturity

Teachers recognize students for their positive behaviors and try to redirect students from negative behaviors both through modeling and establishing consequences and rewards.


Attendance Policy Buncombe County School Board policy states that a student may only have a total of five absences per semester per class. (A student must be in class for 2/3’s of the class period to be counted present.)  Once a student misses more than 5 days, the student is required to make up the days through After-School Attendance Makeup, Saturday school, or Summer Attendance school.  


Course Specific Expectations:  I expect students to show up to class on time and ready to learn.  As I do not give homework, attendance is a crucial factor in your child’s success.  Also, cell phones will not be tolerated in class.  If a student has a cell phone out during any time of the class, the phone will be sent to the office until the end of the day.  Further infractions will result in administrative referrals.  


Supplies / Textbook / Etc.:  Students are required to bring a notebook, pen and/or pencil, and a highlighter.  All books, novels, etc. will be provided.


Homework:  Simply put, I do not give homework.  I used to...until I had my own child in school who received mounds of homework.  The homework added unnecessary stress on my family and resulted in my child dreading school.  As a result, I revamped my policy.  If your child does not finish an assignment in class and would prefer extended time, then he or she is encouraged to take the material home.  This allows extra time for those who need it and also gives an opportunity for parents and guardians to provide assistance.  If you want your child to have more work, I encourage you to go to the local library and check out a book.  Reading for enjoyment is a great way to boost vocabulary, comprehension, and fluency.  Reading the same book as your child is a great way to bond.

Otherwise, get outside.  Walk, run, and play.