Bleier, Erin (English)

Teacher Bio

Erin Bleier Pic

Greetings. My name is Erin Bleier, and I will be teaching your child English III and IV. I have two children who attend Art Space. My son, Harlan is twelve; my daughter, Lilah is nine. Free time is scarce at my house (as many of you can relate), but I do manage to get in some. I love riding mountain bikes and consider that to one of my passions in life. I also enjoy refurbishing antique furniture; I like any yoga/exercise, and I also enjoy local foods. 

As for my teaching style--your child will find my class challenging yet fun. I operate with strict guidelines that allow students the freedom to explore literature in a nurturing environment. I get them thinking critically while they are encouraged to question and examine the world around them. I treat all students the way I would want my own children to be treated by another teacher. I strive to create a classroom full of mutual respect and an environment where we can laugh at ourselves. Rest assured, I am passionate about my job and eager to help your child advance his/her own learning and prepare for college and the workforce.

Please feel free to email me when you want updates on your child's progress. I find that email typically works quite well for parent/teacher contact. Also, utilize Powerschool to check for grades. If you ever need a conference, please email me to schedule one. I look forward to teaching your child this semester and having you involved.