Math 2 H (Fall 2020, 3rd Block)

Welcome to Math 2 Honors! 

Math 2 (H) is the second class in the integrated math pathway and requires successful completion of Math 1. If you do not believe that you have completed Math 1, please contact me. 

"Cohort A" students will physically be in class on Monday 8/24,
"Cohort B" students will physically be in class on Tuesday 8/25,
"Cohort C" students are online only, and will not physically be in class on any day. 

During the first two weeks, ALL STUDENTS are expected to login to the class canvas and complete the assignments EVERY DAY. 

After the first two onboarding weeks, our class (Cohorts A, B, and C) will have a synchronous meeting on school days from 12:00 - 12:45 via Zoom. The link for those sessions will be posted in the class Canvas. 

Office hours will also be available every day from 2:00 - 3:30 PM for any extra help, questions, etc. 

Finally, if you are having technical issues with your iPad or laptop, please visit for Help Desk information and helpful videos.