ESL Developing Spring 2022

ESL Developing Syllabus-Ms. Carter (Spring 2022)

Classroom Expectations (both in the classroom or online):

  • In this class, you are valuable.  Your classmates are valuable.  This means that everyone in the room is important.

  • In this class you will respect everyone, including yourself and me-your teacher.

  • In this class, you will ask for help.  

  • In this class, you will do your best, even when this can sometimes be embarrassing.


Participation (being ready for class with your computer web-camera on; Listening in class: lecture notes, following directions, Speaking in Zooms on FlipGrid: asking for help)




Classwork (like vocabulary slides, daily warm-ups, writing practice, reading review questions,webquests and more)



We will cover the following content, but our overall goal is Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing!

Unit 1: English 3D/Rigor

Unit 2: Fiction book study-T.B.A.