Strazzer, Diane

Diane Strazzer

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I am delighted to be working with you this semester.  My name is Diane Strazzer.   I am a graduate of Western Carolina University where I received my master’s degree in teaching art.  I have taught art since 2010.  I have lived in this community since 2001.  I am a professional artist in my free time.  I spent a year doing service work around the world including in India and Ghana.  I love the outdoors especially mountain biking.

            The art room is a challenging and wonderful space.  I ask students to express themselves, to learn something new, and to develop creativity.  This can be a vulnerable thing.  I am so proud of how students grow in this room and I know you will be too.  Sometimes this is the room where students may feel the proudest of themselves.   I want all students to feel empowered in their life and by their artwork!         

 Due to COVID we will be preparing individual supply bags at school so that student may make amazing art at home.  Since all students are beginning the semster remote, you will need to come to the school to pick up your bag from Chelly in the front office the first week of school.  (DEADLINE JANUARY 8.  She will help you mark off your name on your class lists.  Beginning art and Art 2/3/4 have DIFFERENT bags.   You will need to provide your own #2 pencil (preferably a H and a B), eraser, sharpener, and scissors. Art 2/3/4 will in addition need an Xacto knife.  We will be using Google Classroom.  Our class code will be emailed to your student email.

Please consider donating to the art room.  We are always in need of:

            Cash donations, sponges, spoons, graham crackers, white frosting, glue, gallon Ziplocs, white copy paper, sharpies, markers, crayons, colored pencils, masking tape, and duct tape and YOUR TRASH: clean Styrofoam trays.

            There is always a way for your student to pull up their art grade. 

            Feel free to contact me with any comments or concerns.  The best way to reach me is by email at  I am eager to get to know you and your art!

Check out some of my artwork: website link