1st Block: Math 1 Virtual Info

Weekly Structure
I will post all assignments for the week on Monday in Google Classroom. They will be broken down by each day, in case you need help planning out your week. Thursdays and Fridays will be "Check-In & Catch Up" days. You may complete assignments ahead of time, but it is important to go in order.


Completed assignment with at least half of questions correct: 100%
Completed assignment with less than half of questions correct: 70%
Partially completed assignment: 70% and "Incomplete" Icon
Unattempted assignment: No grade and "Missing" Icon

What if I am missing assignments or want to make a better grade?
You may go back and complete or redo any assignment that has been assigned at any time. Please send me an email or message on Remind or Google Classroom to let me know which assignment you have completed if it is an assignment from a prior week. Please let me know if you have issues accessing any of the assignments and I will get it fixed for you!