English II: Class routine

The Class Routine
Grammar: Each English II class begins with a brief lesson on basic grammar principals and/or a vocabulary enrichment lesson. Formative assessments occur daily, with open book and note quizzes occuring approximately once every couple of weeks. 
SSR: Self-selected reading follows the grammar/vocabulary mini lesson. Students either check out a book from the library or choose a book from the classroom collection to read for approximately the first twenty minutes of class. They maintain a reading log with comments and dates, periodically giving "book chats" to the class. Occasionally, students are asked to complete a project on their title. I often circulate the room during SSR, informally
Writing: Two to three times a week, students will respond to a journal writing topic which may or may not be connected to the literature or the informational article we are currently studying.
Literature: Students in English II read selections from the "World Literature" genre, which includes excerpts from authors all over the world with the exception of Great Britain or the United States. Some common works we read include Night by Elie Wiesel and All Quiet on the Western Front by Erich Remarque.