Sapp, Anthony (Math)

Mr. Sapp
Welcome to my Classroom
Mr. Sapp

I live in the Swannanoa Valley with my lovely wife Kathi and my handsome sons, John Luke and James Michael. My first year teaching mathematics at Owen High School was 1977. I am fortunate to have been a part of this valley for all these years. I now teach the Advanced Placement Calculus and Statistics classes.

If your child is having a positive experience in either of these classes please share this news with any administrator. By a positive experience I mean is your child experiencing successes in class, learning some mathematics, and enjoying coming to class each day. If they are not, feel free to let an administrator know about this as well, but please contact me immediately so we can correct this situation. I look forward to teaching your children this year.

A note to all parents: Your child may be able to receive college class credit for taking these courses which in turn will save you money when bills from colleges start coming in.