Henthorn, Mary (Social Studies)

Welcome to Mrs. Henthorn's Class!                 

Hi, my name is Mary Henthorn.  I grew up in Weaverville and went to North Buncombe High School.  I graduated in 2004 and continued my educational journey to University of North Carolina Greensboro where I received my undergraduate degree in K-6 Education. I then received my MaED in History Education from Western Carolina University in May 2017.

I am super excited about teaching American History and Civics this year, I am very passionate about my topic.  I think it is very important for young people to understand how and why things are the way they are, how to discern whether something is factual or fake, biased or unbiased.  It is also important for them to see patterns, connections, and multiple points of view.  These are all skills that we will use daily in class.  

I look forward to seeing you!

Class website:https://sites.google.com/bcsemail.org/henthorn/home

Feel free to email me at mary.biggers@bcsemail.org