People Recognizing Individual Differences Exist
Our Message:  PRIDE is being brought to Owen to educate people on the spectrum of sexuality and to give students and parents alike the resources to make coming out and being comfortable the easiest that it can be.  We are here to provide a safe community of peers and adults for the kids that need it and also for kids who would like to support others.
Our Purpose:  Our goal is to create a safe community and a support system for kids and parents that aren't sure about everything that comes along with sexual orientation.  We are here to provide a safe environment for students who identify or ally with the LGBT + community to express their concerns and to avoid bullying that usually comes alongs with their sexual orientation.  We are here to provide strength in numbers and create a support system for LGBT + children in our community. We desire to spead equality and love. 

Activites include participation in Youth Outright and meeting other GSAs in the area.
Contact Information:  If you are interested in learning more about this club please contact our faculty sponsor, Elisa Sanchez-Tarman (
Meeting Time and Space: Fridays during Smart Lunch A
 in Room 139

Club Officers:  President: Iris McNerney
Vice-President: Tony Montes
Secretary: Erin Odette
Treasurer: Olive Mills