PBIS IAM a Warhorse

Owen HS focuses on a positive behavior intervention system, PBIS, to encourage our mission: IAM Warhorse!  Integrity, Attitude, Maturity

Our PBIS committee has implemented the following systems in this effort:

Shout Outs:
 Given by any Owen faculty to students each week who exemplify Integrity, Attitude, Maturity in the various areas of our school.
Shout Outs! are recognized during our Advocate Group times. IAM Cards & 9 Week Parties: Students who have meet school academic, attendance, and behavioral expectations are recognized, by attending a school-wide celebration **The PBIS committee focuses on a thoughtful approach towards improving our school's success. We evaluate school attendance, behavior, and academic data in order to achieve this goal. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us. Kelly Dunbar, Social Studies Teacher, PBIS Dept. Chair kelly.dunbar@bcsemail.org