Proficient Art (Art 3)

Course Description:

This class is designed for the more serious, self-driven art student. Students will be expected to work on open ended assignments that explore a variety of design concepts and media. The focus of this course will be on furthering the development of conceptual problem-solving skills, accruing a greater understanding of visual art and art history, and beginning the creation of a collegiate level visual art portfolio.  

At the end of the semester students will be expected to have completed 6 major art pieces. These will be based on the following topics: 

  • Self-Portraiture
  • Contemporary exemplification
  • Perception of the environment
  • Commercial Design
  • U.S. History
  • Exploration of Personal Style

In addition to in-class assignments, students will be expected to complete weekly sketchbook assignments. These assignments help to sharpen drawing skills and further the development of the artistic eye. 

REQUIRED -- Passing Grade ​in Beginning & Intermediate Art.
RECOMMENDED -- Final grade of a C (70) or higher in Beginning & Intermediate Art.