Fall Sports

Owen O


            In the past four years while I have been the principal at Owen High, my football program welcome letters have included three main themes: gratitude for the opportunity to lead this great school, appreciation to the Swannanoa Valley for being a supportive and engaged community, and an appeal to support our athletes and their opponents through good sportsmanship. While all those things remain important, I feel called to write about something different this year. 

            This year’s letter is about building on tradition through change.  As most know, change is the only certainty in life.  In my four years at Owen, I have witnessed a lot of change but it has been important during my tenure that I stay grounded in what has made Owen a great school for decades.  Recognizing and remembering our history is one way I stay grounded while working with our teachers and community to initiate change to keep our school moving forward as we seek to improve.

            Football this year is no different – change is in the air.  However, we must stay grounded by recognizing and remembering our history.  We have said farewell to our beloved and long-term coach of 29 years, Coach Kenny Ford.  Yet, at the same time, we must embrace change and welcome our next leader, Coach Nathan Padgett.  As an Owen alumnus and former player of Coach Ford’s, Coach Padgett is in a great position to know, understand and build on our history.  Undoubtedly, we will see changes as he and his coaching staff seek improvement. Remember Coach Ford and help us build on his successes while we welcome and support Coach Padgett.  Let’s show Coach Padgett and his entire coaching staff what makes the Swannanoa Valley great: support, love, and faithfulness.

Long Live the Warhorses,

Meg Turner, Ed.M.
Principal, Owen High School