Fall Sports


Greeting from 2019-2020 School Year!
What an honor it is to be the principal at Owen High School. Owen has
strong team, squad, and band traditions so I am proud to be a part of carrying those traditions forward. The Swannanoa Valley is alive and well. The support you
offer is amazing, and we thank you for that. The mission of Owen High is
empowering students to dream, preparing them to succeed. Engagement through
sports and extracurricular activities is one avenue for just that: dream and prepare.
When I was a young athlete, I learned to create goals as I worked towards
fulfilling my own dreams. Now, as an adult, I know the importance of supporting
the next generation while they establish goals and take steps towards their own
dreams. That is why our support of young girls and boys goes beyond the fields
and courts of competition. As we know, the dreams of our youth ultimately give
way to life in the “real world.” Students must leave high school equipped to be
successful, contributing members of our very own community and beyond.
As we cheer on our football team, rock to the marching band, move with
the dance team, and chant with the cheer squad, please remember that the lessons
learned during the contest are much more important than simply who has the most points at the end. Participation itself builds strong character, which I believe is
more important than winning or losing. Every contest and every participant,
including the visiting team, deserves respect from all. We are glad you are here to
do that as well as support and encourage. Let’s embrace the night and appreciate
the thrill of young students turning their dreams into realities and learning lessons
that will serve them for the rest of their lives.

Long Live the Warhorses!

Meg Turner, Ed.M.
Owen High School