JROTC Syllabus



Block Times:  

1st Block 0800-0930

3rd Block 1125-1325

4th Block 1330-1500


General Information:  

Instructors: LTC Brook King and SFC(R) Jeffrey L. Garland     
Email Address:
[email protected] or [email protected]   
Office Phone: (828) 868- 3852 ext. 4309

Location: Downstairs room 013                 

Term: 2021 Spring Semester

Textbooks: Digital Cadet Core Textbooks (Units 1-6) and Army JROTC Cadet Reference                                                   


Program Equipment and Supplies:

Student texts have been provided as PDF through google classroom. We will use a variety of computer-based equipment, to include interactive video and audio materials to supplement and conduct classroom instruction. The classroom has a Classroom Performance System (CPS) and other interactive activities. Programs are provided throughout the Program of Instruction (POI) to assist in presenting both the core and advanced curriculum. The Instructor's lesson plan also provides links to additional interactive programs and supplemental resources for optional use in the course. All supplies issued to cadets include; military equipment, uniforms, and accouterments.

Program Objectives and Mission:

The JROTC program prepares Charles D. Owen High School cadets for responsible leadership roles while making them aware of their rights, responsibilities, and privileges as American citizens. The course will emphasis; leadership, quality citizenship, and good character to support the program mission of: “To motivate young people to be better citizens.”


Desired Learning Outcomes:

·         Maximize potential for success through learning and self-management

·         Develop leadership skills

·         Incorporate principles of mental and physical wellness into behaviors and decisions

·         Build effective relationships with peers, co-workers, and the community

·         Apply physical and political geography to build global awareness

·         Correlate the rights and responsibilities of citizenship to the purposes of the U.S. government

·         Relate events in U.S. history to freedoms that Americans have today

·         Characterize the role of the military, and other national service organizations, in building a democracy and maintaining peace throughout a democratic society


Program of Instruction:

3rd Nine weeks

Lesson 1. JROTC The Organization and Traditions (5-15 Jan)

Lesson 2. Winning Colors (19-25 Jan)

Lesson 3. Thinking and Learning (26 Jan-1 Feb)

Lesson 4. Personal Growth and Behaviors (2 Feb-12 Feb)

Lesson 5. Anger Management (16 Feb-22 Feb)

Lesson 6. Resolving Conflict (23 Feb-1 Mar)

Lesson 7. Understanding and Controlling Stress (2-8 Mar)

*End of 9-week review and test 9-12 Mar


4th Nine Weeks

Lesson 10. Global Awareness (15-19 Mar)

Lesson 11. U.S. Interest and Regional Issues in the Middle East (22-26 Mar)

Lesson 12. The European Union (29 Mar -2 Apr)

Lesson 13. Russia and the Former Soviet Republic (12-16 Apr)

Lesson 14. U.S. Interest and Regional Issues in Russia (19-23 Apr)

Lesson 15. Latin America (26 Apr- 3 May)

Lesson 16. Cartels and the Growing Drug Trade (4-10 May)

Lesson 17. Cadet Challenge (11-14 May)

*End of 9-week review and test (17-21 May)


Additional Subjects:

Some class times will include the following: administration/testing/inspections (in/out processing, uniform issue/turn in, briefings, parade demonstrations/rehearsals, inspections, award presentations, and promotion ceremonies).


Dress Uniform:  Army JROTC is a Uniformed Program which requires all cadets to wear the appropriate JROTC uniform weekly and be inspected for grade. Proper wear of the uniform is necessary to be successful in the program. Evaluations are made of, but not subject to; authorized haircuts/hairstyles, grooming/shaves, presence of all clothing items, brass polished, clean and press of uniform, proper placement of insignia/name tags, and wearing of cadet awards and decorations.


Uniform Wear Schedule (Cohorts A-B / In-person only):

  • FEB 2 (A), FEB 5 (B)
  • MAR 2 (A), MAR 5 (B)
  • APR 13 (A), APR 16 (B)
  • MAY 18 (A), MAY 21 (B)

*During dress uniform days cadets (in-person) have the option to change into uniform during class or wear it all day. All other uniform days will be OCP or Spirit uniforms. Cadets will wear OCP or Spirit uniform all day.

Uniforms and accessories are provided at no cost to the students. Lost or damaged items are the responsibility of the cadet.


Grading Criteria (each 9 weeks):

  1. Academic Work/Tests (50% of overall grade)
  2. Classroom/Event Participation (50% of overall grade)

Student grades and attendance may be viewed at any time through Power School. Failure to turn assignments in on time will result in a loss of a letter grade for each week thereafter. Missing assignments can easily be identified, by a late and/or missing code, with zero for the grade until the assignment is submitted into Power School.


Community/Extracurricular Activities:

Cadets are encouraged to participate in community and school events as members of the Corps of Cadets as requested by the; county, city, school and other respective agencies/entities. Extracurricular teams include; Color Guard, Drill Team, Raider Team and Robotics. Opportunities to participate in a variety of extracurricular activities are available throughout the school year and during the summer months.


Make-Up Policy:

Cadets are responsible for work missed. When absent, cadets must contact the instructor to present a plan of action for completing the missed work within one week of the date of absence, or upon their return to school.

*Of note…we are available for make-up work before/after school, during office hours, and at other appropriate times (if applicable).  


Classroom Discipline:

The mission of JROTC is to motivate young people to be better citizens. We believe the cornerstone to this effort is self-discipline. JROTC cadets are expected to conduct themselves at all times in a manner which will reflect great credit upon; their families, Charles D. Owen High School, and the Swannanoa Valley Community. We place great value and emphasize the importance of; leadership, good character, community service, mental and physical well-being, teamwork, and personal/social responsibility.

Good behavior and performance in the program can result in the following positive actions:

• Awards/Decorations and public recognition

• Extracurricular participation and administrative duties requiring trust

• Written/Verbal commendations, to include positive calls to parents

• Promotion/Assignment to positions of greater responsibility

• Recommendation for advanced promotion upon entry to the Armed Forces, advanced placement credit in the Senior ROTC College Program, and/or recommendation 
to any U.S. Military Service Academy or JROTC College Scholarship




Spring 2021 Semester Events:

  • Joint Academic and Leadership Bowl (JLAB):  Competition closes the end of January. Times will be decided by the Academic and Leadership team members.
  • Color Guards for Athletic/Other events
  • Cadet Challenge
  • Middle School Engagement
  • Joint Military Ball (Pending) 
  • Cadet Field Day (Pending)
  • Memorial Day Activities (information to follow)





AARON B. KING                                                                  JEFFREY L. GARLAND

LTC, U.S. ARMY                                                                  SFC(R), U.S. ARMY

Charles D. Owen High School                                               Charles D. Owen High School

JROTC - Senior Army Instructor                                           JROTC – Army Instructor