Book Club

Book Club
We celebrate books by
  • reading and recommending books in our meetings, 
  • going to the movies that are based on Young Adult (YA) novels or literature,  
  • hosting events in our media center to play trivia games about YA and our favorite books
  • buying books for our media center at our book fair, currently through Barnes & Noble
  • participating in YA book events at our local library 
New Chapter Leadership
Co-Editiors : Priscilla Alpizar, Liefke Carwyn,  Layla Castaneda Ramirez
Script Editor:  Karen Garcia
Illustrator:  Priscilla Alpizar & Layla Castaneda Ramirez
Meetings are Thursdays in the  Media Center during Smart Lunch A & B.
See Ms. Gallman, faculty sponsor,  if you have questions.