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YOU should advertise in The Warhorse Yearbook

1.   MARKET – There are two primary markets for your ads. FIRST, there are the readers of the books that will be purchased by the students, staff and faculty. Readers also include the relatives of the people who attend and work at Charles D. Owen High School. The SECOND group of readers comes from those books placed in various businesses in the Western NC area that have waiting rooms: doctors, dentists, hospitals, real estate offices and car dealerships. New families moving to the area who visit Charles D. Owen High School as a prospective educational opportunity will also see your advertisement.

2.   HIGH READER INTEREST – From your own school experience, you are already aware that receiving the yearbook is one of the high points of the school year. The yearbook stimulates more readerships initially and more frequently than any other advertising media available.

3.   LONG-LIFE VALUE – Much like your own high school yearbook, which you probably still own, the Warhorse is not discarded at the end of the day or at the end of the week like a newspaper or magazine. It is not missed if your potential customer is not tuned in at the right time on the radio or television. It is a cherished possession and one that is frequently consulted for information in later years.

4.   CERTIFICATE OF APPRECIATION – A certificate indicating your support of the Warhorse will be mailed to you upon payment of your advertisement for you to display in your place of business.

5.   EDUCATIONAL SERVICE – You perform a valuable service to the young people of today by allowing students to become better educated in business techniques and communication.

The Warhorse Yearbook reaches customers. Use it to reach yours!


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Questions about Pricing or Payment can be directed to…

Ms. Taylor Redd or Ms. Julie Dryden

Warhorse Yearbook Advisors

828 - 686 - 3852

Anyone can also sponsor any page for $40.
Sponsors will be acknowledged on the page of their choice.