Tour of Libraries Activity

Use the link below to open a Google Doc prompting you to observe, evaluate, and reflect upon the services of different libraries.
Make a "copy" of the doc so that you can answer the questions and post pictures you take. 
Use Animoto to create a video presentation about the services provided by a range of libraries in today's world:  elementary, public, and academic (college). 
  • Select appropriate pictures, Do not show faces of library patrons, only use pictures taken on our trip from the Google Folder linked below.
  • Use title/caption features to highlight key services and activities and name the featured library.
  • Use appropriate music.
  • On the last slide paste any citations and have your name.
Folder of pictures to use to create your Animoto about Libraries Today
You may use pictures from AB-Tech's Holly Library (  Put the URL in a very small text box on each picture used from this site.  This is the citation you will add to the last slide for this site:  "Online Orientation." Online Orientation. AB-Tech, 2015. Web. 04 June 2015.