Graduation/Exit Standards

High School Graduation/Exit Standards 

Students entering the ninth grade for the first time in 2006-07 and beyond will be required to meet new exit standards. The exit standards will only apply to students following the Career Preparation, College Technical Preparation, or College University Preparation courses of study.


In order to earn a NC high school diploma, students are required to take:


4 English courses

4 Math courses

3 Science courses

4 Social Studies courses

1 Health/PE course


Career Cluster or Concentration:


Concentration Options:


Academic - 2 additional credits beyond minimum graduation requirements in Math, English, Science or Social Studies

Arts - 4 credits in established Arts program area (can combine)

World Language - 4 credits in established sequence (can combine)

PE - 3 additional credits beyond minimum Health/PE requirement

ROTC - 4 credits within sequence

ESL - credits within sequence


Career Cluster: 4 Units of credit required for Career Cluster Completion~


*Agriculture, Food & Natural Resources

*Architecture & Construction

*Arts, A/V Technology & Communications

*Business, Management & Administration


*Health Science

*Hospitality & Tourism

*Human Services

*Information Technology

*Law, Public Safety, Corrections & Security



*Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics

*Transportation, Distribution & Logistics


Students must complete a total of 28 units of credit to satisfy graduation requirements for Buncombe County Schools.


Students following the Occupational Course of Study are required to meet rigorous exit standards as outlined in State Board of Education policy HSP-N-004 (16 NCAC 6D.0503). Class required to graduate will be discussed at the student’s IEP meeting.