School Profile


Our Mission: To assure every student graduates by providing MORE:
Model responsible behavior and communication.
Offer diverse and relevant learning opportunities.
Relate to the community and the world.
Empower students to think critically and succeed in a supportive school environment.

Our Vision: EXCELLENCE. Learning, individuality, character and talents are valued in our
school and community.

Our School: Charles D. Owen High School is a public school which is accredited by the
Southern Association of Schools and Colleges as well as the North Carolina Department of
Public Instruction. Approximately 800 students are enrolled in grades 9-12. We employ 64
faculty members, with 39% of them holding advanced degrees and 37% being National Board
Certified teachers. All of our faculty are instructing within their area of certification and have an
average of 15 years of teaching experience. Owen High is a member of the 2-A Western
Highlands Conference of the North Carolina High School Athletics Association (NCHSAA) and
fields 18 different athletic teams.

Our Community:
The Charles D. Owen High School district is located in the Swannanoa
Valley, 12 miles east of Asheville, NC. The district includes one high school, one middle
school, three elementary schools, one charter school and one alternative high school. There are also two small Presbyterian colleges nearby along with the University of NC-Asheville and
Asheville- Buncombe Community College. Approximately 14,000 people live in this rural
community and earn their livelihood in professional, high technology, manufacturing,
agricultural & tourism. A recent economic downturn in the area has left approximately 50% of
our students receiving free or reduced lunch.

Graduation Requirements (minimum):
 28 credits: 4 English, 4 Math, 3 Science, 4 Social Studies, 9 Electives, 1 Health & PE,
and 4 Credit Concentrations related to student interests and post-secondary goals
 Score a minimum of “Level III” in 3 EOC assessments: Algebra I, Biology, English II
 Complete a Graduation Research Project (GPR): the GPR is a service/work-based
learning experience as monitored by NC state standards. It requires significant work in
the community, a 10-page research paper, a portfolio, and a presentation given to a
community/faculty panel

Attendance: students must attend classes for 85 days of each 90-day course for a total of
170 attended days during the year

Advanced Placement (AP) courses offered:
World History Statistics English Language & Composition
Calculus AB US History English Literature & Composition
Biology US Gov’t & Politics Chemistry
Advanced Placement (AP) courses offered through North Carolina Virtual Public Schools:
Calculus BC Computer Science Environmental Science
Human Geography Music Theory Physics I: Algebra-based Psychology
Elective classes & Career Technical Education programs offered:
Agriculture, Food & Natural Resources Architecture & Construction
Arts, A/V Technology & Communications Information Technology
Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics Manufacturing
Health Science Hospitality & Tourism
Law, Public Safety, Corrections & Security Foreign Languages – French & Spanish

Grading Scale and Quality Points:

A: 100 – 90 = 4.0 B: 89 – 80 = 3.0 C: 79 – 70 = 2.0 D: 69 – 60 = 1.0 F: >59 = 0.0
Testing Statistics: Owen High’s mean SAT score was 1226 in 2015. Our students surpassed
both the state (1131) and district (1143) SAT means by a substantial amount.
Scholarships and Post-Secondary Plans: The Class of 2016 earned close to $500,000 in
scholarships and grants, and during the past five years, our students have furthered their
education at universities around the country – University of Chicago, North Carolina Chapel
Hill, New York University, Davidson, Oberlin, and Georgetown to name a few.

Principal: Margaret Turner 
Asst. Principal: Bebe Tarleton
Asst. Principal: Jim Lewis 
Asst. Principal: Gina Toomey 

Student Services:

9th Grade Counselor: 
Allyn Adcock (504, Truancy, Credit Recovery)

11th Grade Counselor: Jennifer Abshire (Scholarships, PSAT, NCSSM)
12th Grade Counselor: James Rumbaugh (College Apps, AB Tech, NCVPS)
10th Grade:
Students A-F: Ms. Abshire

Students G-O: Mr. Rumbaugh
Students P-Z: Ms. Adcock
Career Development Coordinator: Lisa Roberts
Graduation Initiative Coordinator: Sharon Fish
Social Worker 9th-12th grade: Elisa Sanchez-Tarman