Mission and Vision

Today's CTE

The mission of Career and Technical Education (CTE) is to empower students to be successful citizens, workers and leaders in a global economy.  CTE programs are designed to contribute to the broad educational achievement of students, including basic skills, as well as their ability to work independently and as part of a team, think creatively and solve problems, and utilize technology in the thinking and problem solving process.

Career and Technical Education fulfills an increasingly significant role in school reform efforts.  Students who concentrate in a CTE area are better prepared for the further education and advanced training required to be successful in 21st century careers.  C.D Owen High School Career and Technical Education teachers partner with business and industry and with community colleges and other post-secondary institutions to ensure Career and Technical Education serves the needs of individual students

Career and Technical Education serves as a bridge between academic courses and the real world.  CTE helps students apply concepts learned in their academic classes to situations they will face in their careers.