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Haitian Revolution (1791)

Brittanica (MS)

paragraph within “History of Haiti.”

“Haiti Slave Revolt” leads to Toussaint Louverture article

Brittanica (HS)

“the Haitian Revolution” article gives more thorough description of Revolution and key players/events

Glorious Revolution (1680’s)

Brittanica (MS)

“Glorious Revolution” 1 page article

Brittanica (HS)

“The Revolution Settlement’ (p. 179 - 181 at least 2 - 3 pages of this 100 pg entry is related to revolution and its impact..

British Broadcasting Corporation - Bill of Rights Act, 1689 (found through Brittanica Web’s Best Sites)
French Revolution (1789-1799)

Brittanica (MS)

“French Revolution” (10 page article)

Brittanica (HS)

Mexican Revolution


Brittanica (MS)

“Mexican Revolution” Mexico>History>Independence
Chinese Revolution (1911-1949)
Brittanica (MS) “Chinese Cultural Revolution” (1 pg) (Found through Brittanica Online “Chines Cultural Revolution” Webs Best Sites
Russian Revolution

Brittanica (HS) Russian Revolution of 1917 (1 pg)

Keywords to use for separate entries: 

Vladimir Ilich Lenin

February Revolution

Communist Party of the Soviet Union

Joseph Stalin
(Found through Brittanica “Russian Revolution” Web’s Best Sites)