Jensen's Service Learning Opportunities

Our English Class will engage in an Inquiry Research / Service Learning Project.
Step 1: As a class we will select a Service Learning Opportunity by
  • Conducting Research about local service learning opportunities
  • Persuading Classmates to select a cause
  • Writing a formal e-mail to arrange a volunteer opportunity
Step 2: As individuals we will hone our research skills by
  • Establishing an Essential Question to guide our research and topic questions
  • Conducting research about the issue related to our service learning opportunity
  • Evaluating resources and selecting those that are relevant and reputable
  • Organizing our information 
  • Refining our research to provide meaningful answers to our questions
Step 3: As individuals we will hone our communication skills by
  • Writing a short paper sharing our findings about our issue
  • Writing a reflection about our service learning experience
Step 4: As teams we will hone our collaboration skills by
  • Joining together to persuade others to join a cause
  • Learning to build consensus
  • Sharing relevant resources found in research
  • Working together in the service learning activity
  •  Creating multimedia presentations sharing our research findings and reflections on service learning
 4th Period use this folder to save stuff everyone can use.