World History Honors & Standard

Unit 1: Ancient Civilizations
Prehistory, Mesopotamia, Ancient Egypt, Indus River Valley, Ancient China, & World Religions

Unit 1 PowerPoint PDF
Unit 1 Study Guide
Unit 1 Vocabulary
World Religions Vocabulary

Unit 2: Empires
Greece, Persia, India, China, & Rome

Unit 2 PowerPoint
Unit 2 Vocabulary

Unit 3: The Middle Ages
Germanic Kingdoms, Feudalism, & A Rise in Authoritarian Gov'ts
Unit 3 PowerPoint

World History
Ancient Civilizations to Modern Day

World History focuses on how people from all over the world have become increasingly interconnected over time. Students will analyze and investigate key figures, time periods, and major events that had a great influence on the world we live in today. Together we will discover how limited resources, population growth, and technology have brought the furthest edges of the world together.

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