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Key Terms:  Flying Shuttle, Spinning Jenny, Cotton Gin, Elias Howe, Spinning Mule
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Apparel 1 - Virtual word wall

by Elliott

Elements of Design                           Principles of Design


Color– hue                                               Balance– Symmetrical (formal)

-       Value – tint                                Asymmetrical (informal)

-                - shade                               Emphasis

-       Intensity                             Harmony

-       Primary colors                      Proportion- equal                     

-       Secondary colors                                 - unequal

-       Intermediate colors              Rhythm- Repetition

      (Tertiary)                                    - Radiation

-  Warm colors                                    - Gradation

-  Cool colors

- Color schemes – Monochromatic

                       - Analogous




                      -Accented neutral


Line –Vertical                                          Fiber

        Horizontal                                      Yarn

        Diagonal                                         Fabric

        Curve                                                     Natural fibers - staple

       Decorative & Structural                                Cellulosic


Shape –Bell                                                            Cotton

            Tubular                                                      Flax - Linen

            Natural                                                      Wool - Woolen

            Full                                                                    - Worsted

                                                                                      - Virgin

Texture                                                  Silk -filament



Manufactured fibers                                  Yarns


     -Rayon                                      -Spun

     -Lyocell(Tencel)                            -Monofilament

     -Acetate                                     -Multifilament

     -Nylon                                                     -Pills

     -Polyester                                                - Ply yarn

     -Acrylic                                                   - Cord yarn

     -Spandex                                                 -Blend



Woven fabric                                Knit fabric

       -warp yarns                                              -warp knitting

       -weft yarns(filling yarns)                         -weft knitting



                       -Plain weave                             Felted fabric

                       -Twill weave                                     (felt)

                       -Satin weave                            Nonwoven


       Adding color                                                    (hospital booties)

     -greige (grey) goods                                 Finishing

       -dyes                                                                       -Antistatic

       -colorfast                                                        -Wrinkle resistant

               -fiber dyeing – (natural)                            -Permanent press

               -solution dyeing – (manufactured)              -Flame resistant

               -yarn dyeing                                             -Mildew resistant

               -piece dyeing                                            -Moth repellent


                                                               -Soil release,Stain resistant

                                                               -Water repellent,waterproof

    Finishes that affect texture=calendaring, napping, sizing, weighting
Figure type
Body measurements
Wearing ease
Design ease

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