On Wednesday, March 21, 2018, all Buncombe County Schools will be operating on a two-hour delay for students due to the potential for precipitation to develop by daybreak. Also, no buses on icy roads.

Spanish: Todas las escuelas del condado de buncombe estarán operando con un retraso de 2 horas para los estudiantes debido a la posibilidad para la precipitación hoy al amanecer. No habrá servicio de bus por las calles congeladas.

Russian: Все школы округа Банкомб будут работать с двухчасовой задержкой для студентов 21 марта. Пожалуйста, обратите внимание на любые обновления.

Ukrainian: Всі школи Buncombe County працюватимуть на дві години пізніше 21 березня. Будь-ласка, зверніть увагу на будь-які обновлення.

Romanian/Moldovan: Toate Școlile Județului Buncombe vor începe cu o întârziere de două ore pentru elevi pe 21 martie. Vă rugăm să fiți atenți la orice actualizare.

Social Media Safety Assignment
 Link to see the video.
You are to make a public service announcement to be shown to our student body concerning social media safety / digital presence awareness.
You will use iMovie or Animoto to finalize your product.  You should incorporate the stop action animation station in at least one scene.
Before beginning work on the video, complete the social media assignment in the Moodle Library Science Course.
Students in each class period will collaborate with one another to create the Public Service Announcement.  It is to be a team effort in planning, filming, editing, and publishing.
After reading articles, Brainstorm your ideas on the whiteboard. Film your brainstorming session on the iPad and take a picture of your brainstorming session on the iPad for future reference and to share with Ms. Gallman, 
Next, use the Powerpoint templates to create a StoryBoard for your film.  Story Board Template 
After discussing the scenes and writing the preliminary script.  Use the iPad to begin filming.  It is easier to shoot short "takes."  Each scene should only be between 15 and 30 seconds.  It will be easier to edit.  
After filming, discuss finishing touches to video and decide on the best medium for your project:  iMovie, Animoto, PowerPoint (incorporate videos).
This is both a promotion and a Moodle CourseWork Grade.  Take it seriously, it is not meant to be a spoof. 

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